Jul 8, 2010

Lowering High Blood Pressure With No Side Effects

A pregnant woman's blood pressure is always taken whenever she visits her doctor. This is important to be sure that her blood pressure is normal. If her blood pressure becomes elevated, the doctor must start certain approaches for lowering high blood pressure.

Doctors do not disregard hypertension in pregnant women since this can result to a lot of complications which can harm the fetus and the mother. One complication of hypertension during pregnancy is reduced blood flow to the placenta. If there is decreased blood flow towards the placenta, the fetus will not have enough nutrients and oxygen for it to survive.

Another common complication of hypertension during pregnancy is placental abruption. Placental abruption is the premature separation of the placenta from the uterus and this can also decrease the amount of nutrients and oxygen going to the fetus. Placental abruption may also lead to premature labor and bleeding.

As you can see, these complications make it very important to check a pregnant woman's blood pressure regularly. If a pregnant woman is diagnosed to have hypertension, she must not worry a lot because this would not help her condition. Your blood pressure can be managed properly even if you are pregnant. With regards to the correct anti-hypertensive drugs, follow your doctor's prescription since certain drugs should not be taken during pregnancy.

Aside from drugs, there are also certain measures that can definitely help in lowering blood pressure. One is stress reduction. If you are still working during pregnancy or you encounter some problems while you are pregnant, do not let it stress you out. So that stress cannot further affect their high blood pressure, pregnant women must know how to properly manage stress through certain techniques.

Proper diet is another method that can help in lowering high blood pressure. Pregnant women who have hypertension are taught to follow a healthy diet because this will ensure that she and her fetus are in the best of health. Remember that if you happen to become hypertensive while pregnant, you must strictly follow the diet that was designed for you. Aside from that, the strict diet also ensures that you do not get too heavy since this can cause strain to your heart.

Another one is making wise food choices. Caffeine and alcohol consumption must be reduced or completely removed while you are pregnant. Aside from worsening your hypertension, alcohol and caffeine have established harmful effects on your fetus. Pregnant women are also advised to eat more vegetables and fruits. Plus, cooking methods like grilling or boiling food is better than deep frying them. Pregnant women must also wisely choose products that are made of whole wheat or with less or no fat at all.

Aside from all these, taking certain food supplements have been shown effective in lowering high blood pressure. Of the various kinds of food supplements available today, nothing compares to the effectiveness of ion eXtra capsules. With the use of ion eXtra capsules, pregnant women can have peace of mind in lowering high blood pressure because there are no side effects for both you and your baby. Plus, ion eXtra can make your hypertension disappear in just 28 days!


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