May 31, 2010

Automated Traffic Reviews

***What Is Automated Traffic?
It’s an arsenal of scripts and software tools that
allow you to automate your traffic and, ultimately,
your sales. Every month you continue to get more
scripts and they're all web based, so you don't
have to worry about losing software and data if
your computer crashes.  Plus all upgrades to the
scripts can be done automatically without messy
codes and other hassles.
***What can these scripts and software tools do?
Let me give you some examples of the scripts
coming out the very first month or two:
1.  Blogger SEO Tool -- a cool script that
automatically takes any Blogger blog (don't
worry, they'll teach you how to set one up in
seconds!), and once it runs through the blogger
SEO tool, it automatically "hacks" the blog to
make it very SEO friendly to rank for  almost
any easy to semi-competitive keyword almost
2.  List Building and Sales Grabbing Contact
Form Tool
-- (Sales and Lead Generator)  -- this
tool is basically a super cool contact form where
you can create any kind of contact form with it,
but it also does a few cool things...
It can have the lead email you information directly,
it can also have it so it automatically has them
sign up in the background to your autoresponder
(like Aweber, GetResponse, etc. already built in)
as well as stuffs any cookies / affiliate links you
want when they hit submit.  You'll be taught
how to turn this into some easy money for
reviews, bonuses, services, or your own products.
3.  Exclusive Buyer Keyword Tools -- this is
actually several different keyword tools that
are designed to find very lucrative keywords
that are not only easy to rank for with our
other tools, but are more likely to lead to sales
by targeting people already at the end of the
buying cycle.

You'll target keywords that not only are more
likely to bring in larger sales, but are also
being ignored by the competition.  It's also
worth noting that this is based on an exclusive
formula and these keywords can't be grabbed
by any other keyword tool out there. (Others
rely on the same sources, which aren't the best.)

4.  Survey Lead Generator -- this tool basically
allows you to create surveys of multiple choice,
true and false, survey reply, etc. and based on
the answers they give, you can show any
text, html, videos, links, etc. you want (and
stuff the cookies at the same time as well).

It's great for convincing customers that your
answer (like which product / service to buy) is
tailored specifically to them, as well as sending
the survey to your list for higher conversions
on whatever you promote.

5. Automated Ads Elite - banner rotator  - this tool
is like the open-x script that big time CPA people
and sites use and it's pre-loaded with hot Clickbank
products. This does so many things that I don't even
have time to list it all. get ongoing cutting edge training, so
you always know how to get the most out of
each tool.

May 20, 2010

Optimizing Your Site with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a way to get directories and search engines to give your web-site a better indexing position so that customers or anyone who is looking for your web-site can see it. The higher you are in the search engines and directories, the better chance you’ll have doing business on the internet.

Here are simple steps to optimize your web-site:

Step 1: Modify your web-site - This step includes adding optimized content to all pages in the website.

Step 2: Add tags - Add or make changes to Meta tags, Title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and alt tags for images, after keywords research.

Step 3: Link building A,
Website statistics monitoring and conversion tracking
There are offline tools that you can use to optimize your web site and it all involves your URL or your Web Domain name. I would put my web domain name on business cards, stationery, have a sign on my car, use bumper stickers or have tee shirts and coffee mugs made with the URL. I would do everything to advertise my web-site offline. This is called offline optimization of your web-site.

So web site optimization is both and online and offline deal. Online, you must use keywords to attract customers and get good search engine rankings and offline, you can advertise your URL to the public to get the to visit your web site. 

Download SEO Tools for FREE.

May 18, 2010

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain is a name that identifies IP addresses on the internet. The domain name represents about fifteen (15) IP addresses. Domain names are used to identify Web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is

You register a domain name by registering with a domain name services registrar. The domain name industry is regulated and overseen by ICANN, which is an organization responsible for providing standards and procedures for certifying companies as domain name registrars.

Domain name registration has grown over the years. Network Solutions was the first domain name registrar to ever provide such a service. That was over ten years ago but today there are many accredited registrars. Only a domain name registrar is permitted to access and modify the master database domains that are on InterNIC servers. The fee is determined by the registrar as far as getting a domain name and some registers have special domain name packages.

Do You Really Need a Domain Name? Click Here for more info!

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